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Agena Improves PGx Testing Accuracy with Launch of VeriDose™ CYP2D6 CNV Panel

4 November 2019

Quantification of Hybrid Alleles Not Detected by Common PGx Technologies

San Diego, CA, November 4, 2019– Agena Bioscience, a global provider of molecular testing solutions, today announced the release of the VeriDose™ CYP2D6 CNV panel designed to provide PGx testing programs with a more accurate and efficient way to analyze CYP2D6 copy number. The RUO panel quantifies CYP2D6 copy number, even in the presence of CYP2D6/CYP2D7 hybrid alleles which cannot be detected by commonly used PGx technologies.

“Depending on ethnicity, up to 37% of individuals possess a CYP2D6/CYP2D7 hybrid allele” said Houda Hachad, Pharm.D, Chief Scientific Officer at Translational Software. “Many detection technologies are blind to these alleles, resulting in sample mischaracterization. That is a big problem for PGx programs who strive to provide accurate drug-metabolism profiles. We are excited to support Agena’s new VeriDose CYP2D6 CNV panel which will help our customers produce more reliable results.”

Additionally, the panel can be run alongside Agena’s PGx genotyping panels; alleviating a common laboratory bottleneck.

“Combining PGx genotyping and copy number detection on the same workflow is a game-changer from a lab efficiency perspective” said Darryl Irwin, Senior Director of Scientific Affairs at Agena. “Previously, genotyping and copy number detection required separate setup, instrument runs and analysis. The results then had to be combined at the end. This allows labs to maximize resources by setting up one protocol and getting the required information all at once.”

Agena will be hosting a workshop during the Association for Molecular Pathology Conference in Baltimore, MD on Wednesday November 6th, where key opinion leaders will discuss how the newly released panel can improve PGx testing accuracy.

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