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Accurate and affordable PGx testing

Accurate and Efficient PGx Testing Without Unexpected Costs or Waste

Whether you’re just getting started or already have a well-established testing program, Agena’s PGx solutions deliver best-in-class accuracy while minimizing testing costs. Simultaneous genotyping and copy number detection enable labs to implement a single, comprehensive PGx testing workflow.

Maximize Efficiency, Minimize Cost

Avoid common pitfalls that lead to increased PGx testing costs and reduced lab efficiency. Agena provides PGx testing at an affordable upfront cost with minimal extras. No duplicate samples. No reagent waste. Single-assay copy number detection that can be run side-by-side with genotyping.

Flexible Panel Content

Getting started doesn’t have to be difficult. Get up and running quickly with the content you need. Our pre-designed genotyping and copy number panels are available for on-demand ordering. For customized panels, easily create your own assays or work with our custom design team.

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Try our Custom Assay services

Assays by Agena scientists design and develop custom research use assays. Assays can be developed for targeted germline or somatic genotyping, translocations, copy number variants and methylation profiling.

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