Assays by Agena Custom Laboratory Services

Let our expert scientists create a custom assay built for your lab’s unique needs.

Custom assay development process

From markers of interest to working assays in 8 weeks or less

Fill out our request for proposal form to have our scientists develop custom SNP, insertion, deletion, translocation, copy number variant, somatic mutation, or methylation assays for use on the MassARRAY System. Our scientists functionally test all assays in the laboratory using cell lines and deliver ready-to-use oligonucleotide mixes for easy validation and implementation in your laboratory. Software services to simplify data analysis with custom reports are also available.

What You’ll Get Working With the Assays By Agena Team

  • World-Class Expertise: Assays are designed and developed by Agena scientists.
  • Assay Verification: Assays are functionally verified and pressure-tested in the laboratory.
  • Ongoing Support: Our scientists empower your success through continued training and support.

Custom Panels

Expertise Across Application Areas

Our Assays by Agena Scientists have developed custom panels across a variety of application areas:

  • Sample Integrity and Composition
  • Hereditary Genetics
  • Pharmacogenetics
  • Oncology
  • Agricultural Genetics
  • Custom Genotyping