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High resolution quantitative methylation profiling

High-throughput quantitative methylation profiling

Rapidly analyze methylation status of 10s to 100s of samples using the MassARRAY System.

MassCLEAVETM chemistry enables high-resolution, quantitative methylation profiling using base-specific cleavage on bisulfite-converted DNA. The high sensitivity of the MassARRAY System enables detection of differences as low as 5% between methylated and non-methylated DNA.

Custom panels for profiling CpG methylation can be designed using Agena’s EpiDesigner software. General reagents including bisulfite conversion kits are available to process samples for analysis on the MassARRAY system.

Ordering Information
Product # Wells/Pads Format Catalog #
MassCLEAVE Reagent Kits
MassCLEAVE, PCR Reagent And SpectroCHIP Kit 960 96 CPM 13165F
MassCLEAVE, PCR Reagent And SpectroCHIP Kit 3840 384 CPM 11377D
MassCLEAVE, PCR Reagent And SpectroCHIP Kit 960 96 13165
MassCLEAVE, PCR Reagent And SpectroCHIP Kit 3840 384 11377
Bisulfite Conversion Kits
EZ 96 DNA Bisulfite Treatment Kit (96-well Plate Format) 192 N/A 10131
EZ DNA Bisulfite Treatment Kit (Tube Format) 50 N/A 10132

“ The EpiTYPER assay allows a fast and reproducible targeted quantification of individual CpGs in a high throughput manner

– Sonja Kunze

Excerpt from Quantitative Region-Specific DNA Methylation Analysis by the EpiTYPER Technology, DNA Methylation Protocols. Humana Press, NY NY, 2018

Custom Assay Design

Assays by Agena scientists design and develop custom research use assays. Assays can be developed for targeted germline or somatic genotyping, translocations, copy number variants and methylation profiling.

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