The MassARRAY® System

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The Path to Molecular Testing Begins Here

The MassARRAY® System is an open platform that can grow with your lab and simplify the genetic testing process with easy-to-interpret data, fast turn-around times, and broad genetic coverage. Available in 96 and 384-well plate formats.

For laboratories that require CE-IVD systems or are seeking to develop CE-IVD tests, click here for more information.

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System Workflow

The MassARRAY System workflow couples mass spectrometry with end-point PCR, enabling highly multiplexed reactions under universal cycling conditions to provide accurate, sensitive and rapid genetic analysis. After nucleic acid extraction, approximately 10-40ng of sample advances through a simple workflow with 3 easy steps:


Multiplex end-point PCR followed by a single base extension reaction

Target Sequence Detection

Automated analyte transfer and data acquisition

Data Analysis

Data display and report generation

96 Format
Run Time: 7 Hrs*

Hands-on Time: 23 Min

Run Time: 90 Mins*

Hands-on Time: 5 Min

Hands-on Time:

5-10 Min

384 Format
Run Time: 7 Hrs*

Hands-on Time: 23 Min

Run Time: 160 Mins*

Hands-on Time: 5 Min

Hands-on Time:

5-10 Min

* Workflow time may vary depending on chemistry and acquisition settings.

Spectrochip® Arrays

Genotype Up to 50 Genetic Variants Per Reaction

The SpectroCHIP® Array allows for flexible biomarker analysis of SNPs, insertions, deletions, translocations, copy number variation, and methylation markers.

  • Up to 4,800 variants on the SpectroCHIP Array 96
  • Up to 19,200 variants on the SpectroCHIP Array 384

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