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Molecular Testing with the MassARRAY SystemThe MassARRAY® System allows labs to focus on a select set of gene regions that have known or emerging associations with disease, simplifying the genetic testing process. Placed at the center of your molecular workflow, the MassARRAY System can help you optimize throughput, multiplexing capacity, and data analysis. As your testing needs evolve, you’ll be empowered to adapt more quickly, which ultimately leads to faster decisions and greater productivity.

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The MassARRAY System is an open platform that has the power to expand across multiple applications and the potential to consolidate your molecular menu to a single workflow. Select from a broad menu of robust chemistries to develop molecular tests for genotyping, somatic mutation detection, and quantitative analysis.

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Assays by Agena scientists design, develop and functionally verify custom research use assays. Assays can be developed for targeted germline or somatic genotyping, translocations, copy number variants and methylation profiling.

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