Chimeric ID Panel

Easy Chimerism Determination & Automated Results Reporting

The Chimeric ID Panel and automated results reporter provides simplified chimerism testing. The panel consists of 92 independent SNPs with high minor allele frequency across several populations. The results reporter automatically queries stored reference profiles and instantly calculates the composition of post-transplant follow-up specimens.

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Ordering Information
Product # of Samples Format Catalog #
Chimeric ID Panel Set – CPM (10x96) 120 96 CPM 13168F
Chimeric ID Panel Set – CPM (2x384) 96 384 CPM 13245D
Chimeric ID Panel Set – CPM (10x384) 480 384 CPM 13169D
Chimeric ID Panel Set (10x96) 120 96 13168
Chimeric ID Panel Set (2x384) 96 384 13245
Chimeric ID Panel Set (10x384) 480 384 13169

"The Chimeric ID panel has significant workflow and lab efficiency advantages including automated pre- and post- transplant sample analysis and the absence of DNA dilution or CE reinjection steps."

-Accurate and Efficient Chimerism Determination using the SNP-Based Chimeric ID Panel from Agena Bioscience

White Paper, 2019