VeriDose® Core Panel

Foundational PGx content in a single panel

The VeriDose® Core Panel targets the most relevant variants in 20 principle genes implicated in drug metabolism pathways. It provides genotype information for 68 SNPs/INDELs across 20 genes. The panel is designed to be tolerant to low quality DNA, boosting the likelihood of success with challenging samples.

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Ordering Information
Product # of Samples Format Catalog #
VeriDose Core Panel Set – CPM (2x96) 64 96 CPM 13371F
VeriDose Core Panel Set – CPM (10x96) 320 96 CPM 13355F
VeriDose Core Panel Set – CPM (2x384 256 384 CPM 13358D
VeriDose Core Panel Set – CPM (10x384) 1,280 384 CPM 13356D

"77% of previously failed samples could be genotyped completely with the VeriDose Core panel"

-Lois Et. al

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