iPLEX® HS Colon Panel

Colorectal Cancer Tumor Profiling

The iPLEX® HS Colon Panel enables tumor profiling studies of colorectal cancer specimens.

  • Detect more than 80 clinically relevant variants across BRAF, EGFR, KRAS, NRAS and PIK3CA
  • Identify variants at as low as 1% variant allele frequency
  • Use as little as 10 ng of DNA
  • 1 hour of hands-on time and 8 hours of total time
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Product # of Samples Format Catalog #
iPLEX HS Colon Panel Set - CPM (5x96) 60 96 CPM 13266F
iPLEX HS Colon Panel Set - CPM (2x384) 96 384 CPM 13332D
iPLEX HS Colon Panel Set - CPM (10x384) 480 384 CPM 13333D

"Our data indicate that lowering the assay sensitivity from 5-10% to approximately 1% VAF in clinical CRC cases detected all previously identified mutations in KRAS, NRAS and BRAF, as well as 8 new mutations in these genes."

-Dr. Bobbie Sutton

Excerpt from AMP 2016 poster