CFTR Panel

Flexible Solutions for Cystic Fibrosis Mutation Analysis

Many cystic fibrosis (CF) genotyping assays are expensive and restrict assay content to a limited number of targets that are only applicable to a single population. The CFTR Panel is a cost-effective way to detect 74 of the most common variants of the CFTR gene.

  • Includes the 23 mutations recommended by ACMG and ACOG.
  • 51 additional variants with known CFTR relevance and allele frequency >0.1%.
  • For tailored variant content, create a custom panel by using our online assay design software or partnering with our scientists for assay development and verification services.
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Ordering Information
Product # of Samples Format Catalog #
CFTR Panel Set (10x96) 320 96 13162
CFTR Panel Set – CPM (10x96) 320 96 CPM 13162F
CFTR Panel Set (10x384) 1280 384 13163
CFTR Panel Set – CPM (10x384) 1280 384 CPM 13163D

"A custom panel based on iPLEX/MassARRAY technology for CFTR genotyping was developed and validated. This provides a flexible and cost-effective alternative to the current genotyping assay."

-Ed Yeh, Janet Marcadier, Maria Karaceper

Poster Presentation by Newborn Screening Ontario, Ontario, Canada