Tumor Profiling

Rapid and low-cost tumor profiling

Targeted assays for rapid and low-cost detection of somatic variants

Precision oncology studies require somatic variant detection that is rapid, low-cost and actionable. Reliable detection of low abundance somatic mutations in tumor samples can be challenging due to limited quantity and poor quality of the specimens. Several technologies require specimens with high tumor content and generally reject as many as 20% of the samples due to low tumor fraction and DNA yield.

With the MassARRAY® System’s single-day workflow and multiplexed chemistry, you can get information for clinically informative variants quickly and at a low cost. The high sensitivity of the iPLEX® HS chemistry enables detection of clinically relevant variants as low as 1% variant allele frequency from low sample input.

Sample Requirements

Use DNA isolated from a variety of samples including blood plasma, circulating cell-free DNA and circulating tumor cells.

DNA Input
per reaction:

≥10 ng or ≥3,300 copies of amplifiable template
Custom Assay Design

Getting started doesn’t have to be difficult. Get up and running quickly with the content you need. Our pre-designed lung, colon and melanoma panels are available for on-demand ordering. For customized panels, easily create your own assays or work with our custom design team.

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