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Webinar: Rapid Deployment of Custom Multiplexed Assays for Clinical and Translational Research Laboratories

This webinar will share details of how two large reference and service laboratories have rapidly deployed highly multiplexed genotyping assays to meet their clients’ testing needs. Our first speaker, Connie Lisle from LifeLabs Genetics, the largest clinical laboratory in Canada, will discuss various pharmacogenetics panels her lab has developed on the MassArray system. Our second speaker, Dr. William Shek from Charles River Laboratories, a pre-clinical and clinical laboratory service provider, will share his laboratory’s experience with developing preclinical assays on animal models to support drug discovery and development with the MassArray MassARRAY system.

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Connie Lisle, Hon B.Sc, MLT-Molecular Genetics
Senior Lab Manager, LifeLabs Genetics

Connie spent 10 years in the biotech industry developing and commercializing multiplexed assays, evaluating new technology platforms, and optimizing products for commercial partners. After years of development work her focus shifted to clinical service where she spent seven years as senior technologist at an independent commercial laboratory performing companion diagnostic testing for lung and colorectal carcinomas. She has been managing operational and technical activities at LifeLabs Genetics since it began operating more than three years ago. Her extensive development experience and technical skills have contributed to the design and rapid implementation of complex test portfolios, including PGx and wellness testing.

William R. Shek, DVM, PHD
Senior Scientific Director, Research Animal Diagnostic Services, Charles River Laboratories

Bill Shek attended Cornell University, where he received a DVM. in 1977, an MSc in 1979 and a PhD in 1982. His graduate research was in virology and immunology. In 1982, Bill joined Charles River Laboratories as the Director of Microbiology and Immunology. He is currently the Senior Scientific Director for Research Animal Diagnostic Services. During his tenure at Charles River, Bill’s main responsibilities have been the development and quality control of diagnostic assays and the design, development, and implementation of systems to manage laboratory testing, health surveillance, and genetic monitoring. Bill holds memberships in the American Association of Laboratory Animal Science, the American Veterinary Medical Association, the American Society of Microbiology, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and the Scientific Research Society of Sigma XI.

Priscilla Hunt
Global Product Support Manager, Agena Bioscience

Priscilla Hunt, Global Product Support Manager at Agena Bioscience, focuses on the development and deployment of clinical applications on the MassArray system. She graduated from North Carolina State University with degrees in Biological Sciences, Genetics, and Microbiology.

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