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Seminar: Liquid Biopsy in Clinical Testing & Translational Research

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Liquid biopsy testing is a rapidly developing clinical and translational application that is largely driven by new and innovative technologies. UCLA Technology Center for Genomics & Bioinformatics, Agena Bioscience and SeraCare invite you to join us on February 22nd for this seminar, where Bellal Moghis, Dr. Andrew Anfora and Dr. Scott Shell will discuss how commercial reference materials and cfDNA testing applications are breaking new ground in lung cancer management and tracking chimerism for bone marrow transplant recipients. Lunch will be provided.


12:00 pm Arrival of Participants and Lunch

12:15 pm “UltraSEEK™ Rapid and Sensitive Detection in Liquid Biopsies.” Bellal Moghis, MS, MBA, Oncology Market Manager, Agena Bioscience

12:30 pm “Seraseq® ctDNA Reference Samples Provide Best-in-Class Solution for Clinical Implementation of Liquid Biopsy Assays from Development to the Clinic.” Andrew Anfora, PhD, Field Application Specialist, Clinical Genomics, SeraCare

12:45 pm “cfDNA-Based Applications on the Agena Bioscience MassARRAY® System.” Scott A. Shell, PhD, Scientific Affairs, Global Oncology Lead, Agena Bioscience