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Seminar: Current Applications & Practical Experience in Pharmacogenetics

PGx testing is increasingly being used to guide patient treatment. It is rapidly evolving and driven by new technologies. Join us to discuss clinical implementation in more detail with Prof. Stefan Russmann, Prof. Markus Béchir, and Dr. Katja Ludin.


5:30pm Arrival of participants

6:00pm „Klinische Pharmakogenetik – Neue Möglichkeiten für eine effiziente personalisierte Pharmakotherapie” Prof. Dr. med. Prof. epidemiol. Stefan Russmann, Drugsafety, Küsnacht

6:45pm „Pharmakogenetik in der Klinik: Fälle aus dem Alltag“ Prof. Dr. med. Markus Béchir, Hirsladen Klinik Aarau

7:30pm “A look behind the scene: SNP Diagnostik im Labor, Maldi-TOF Technik in der Pharmakogenetik” Dr. Katja Ludin, FAMH Medizinische Genetik, Imz Dr. Risch AG

8:00pm Discussion and Flying Buffet

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