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Webinar: Implementation of Molecular Sample Tracking to Ensure Sample Identity and Integrity

25 October 2018

Clinical diagnostic testing in a CLIA/CAP laboratory involves comprehensive sample tracking from sample receipt, wet lab preparation, and result interpretation. However, even with the most rigorous lab consumable barcoding and sample tracking system, a patient sample could still encounter a rare mislabeling or mishandling prior to receipt or during preparation in complex laboratory workflows.

All these factors highlight the clear need to ensure sample identity and integrity prior to embarking on molecular-based testing.

In this webinar, Dr. Sharon Mexal, VP of Clinical Operations at Ambry Genetics, discusses their high-throughput Clinical Diagnostic Genetic Testing Laboratory’s experience with integration and scale-up of the iPLEX® Pro Sample ID Panel for cost-effective sample tracking and NGS data quality assurance workflow for germline hereditary testing.