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Webinar: Authenticating Laboratory Results – Molecular Sample Tracking for NGS Laboratories

16 November 2021

Effective sample identification and tracking can minimize risks of sample mix-up and authenticate laboratory results. Labs implement rigorous quality systems to ensure chain of custody for specimens. A specimen is often subject to different molecular biology workflows, including next generation sequencing (NGS) which can be complex as it involves transfer of specimens between multiple steps increasing the risk of specimen mishandling or mix-up. This webinar presents a robust and cost-effective sample identification and tracking assay for quality assurance of NGS workflows. Topics include:

  • Minimizing the risk of sample mishandling in your laboratory workflow.
  • Implementing the iPLEX Pro Sample ID Panel on the MassARRAY System, for robust and low-cost genetic fingerprinting to authenticate results prior to reporting.

Presented by: Darryl Irwin, PhD – Vice President, Scientific Affairs, Agena Bioscience

Recorded on November 16, 2021

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